Descendants of Jacob Allen Walker (1901-1975) and Venus Virginia Dove Walker (1906-1994) of Wiley Ford, Mineral County, West Virginia.

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 A. Harold Allen Walker (1926-1968) (WWII Naval Veteran, USS Petrof Bay (CVE-80) in the Pacific; at Okinawa) married Helen Marlene Wolfe (b. 1934) in 1953. Named for his father, Jacob Allen Walker. Worked as an electrician for the B&O Railroad in their Cumberland, MD yard. Two years after Harold’s death, in 1970, Helen Wolfe Walker married William Lee Newman. They moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, from June to November, 1970, and then on to a farm between Bee Branch and Damascus, Van Buren County, Arkansas, where they remain. Harold’s oldest son, John Patrick "Buck" Walker settled there as well and remains there.

1. John Patrick ("Buck") Walker (b. 1954) married Robin Rhea Bradford (1955-2008) in 1973. Named for his father's friend, John Arbagast (Spelling uncertain.) (The name "Buck" was bestowed by his great grandmother, Anna Catherine Snarr Walker).  Lives on a farm between Bee Branch and Damascus, Van Buren County, Arkansas.

a. Robin Roxanne ("Roxanne") Walker (b. 1974) (Elma and Joe Wolfe's third great-grandchild) married Mark King (b. 1971) on March 6, 1992. Named for her mother. Lives in Greenbrier, Faulkner County, Arkansas.

.i. Peyton Nikole King (b. 1992) (Elma and Joe Wolfe's second great-great-grandchild)

.ii. Kolbey Lyne King (b. 1996)

John Patrick Walker (b. 1954) then married Susan Smith (b. 1954) in 1981.

a. Michelle Lynn ("Shelly") Walker (b. 1976) married Stacey Gentry (b. 19__). Lives in Damascus, Van Buren County, Arkansas.

.i. Brianne Renee Gentry (b. 1997)

 Michelle Lynn ("Shelly") Walker (b. 1976) then married _____________ Johnson.

b. John Richard ("Rick") Walker (b. 1978) married Amy ___________________.

                        .i. Machalia Walker (b. 2008)

2. Robert Andrew Walker (b. 1958). Named for Robert "Kurt" Seymour, a family friend, and also for Robert Zimmerman, brother of his mother's mother, Elma Pauline Zimmerman Wolfe, and for his grandfather, Joseph Andrew Wolfe. Worked for the Department of the Army, U.S. Army Natick RD&E Center, Natick, MA. Lives in Waterloo, Seneca County, NY. Ph.D., Anthropology and Biomedical Sciences. Director, Clinical Anatomy, New York Chiropractic College. Home page:

3. Thomas Cecil Walker (b. 1959) married Sherrie ("Ree") Fureigh (b. 1959) in 1978. Named for Cecil Jordan Walker, his father's uncle, and perhaps also for Paul Cecil Zimmerman Wolfe, his mother's brother and father's childhood best friend. Now live in Arkansas, currently working construction.

a. Shereé Elizabeth ("Beth") Walker (b. 1979) with Jon Collins (b. 1979). Lives in Conway, Arkansas.

.i. Rhiannon Brie Walker (b. 1997)

.ii. Ian Cooper Collins (b. 2002)

Shereé Elizabeth ("Beth") Walker (b. 1979) then married John Alumbaugh in 2009.

b. Rayma Marlene ("Layna") Walker (b. 1980) married Eric Langdon (b. 1980) on April 28, 2001. Named for her grandmother Rayma Sue Fureigh, her aunt Rayma Fureigh, and for her grandmother Helen Marlene Wolfe Walker Newman. Lives in Cincinnati, OH. Works as an L.P.N.

.i. Victoria Allyn ("Torie") Langdon (b. 1999) Named "Allyn" for Harold ALLEN Walker, her great-grandfather, and Jacob Allen Walker, her great-great-grandfather.

.ii. Devon Taylor Langdon (b. 2003)

.iii. Thomas John Langdon (b. 2004)

c. Brandi Lynn Walker (b. 1983)

d. Sara Katherine Walker (b. 1985) married Nick Hughes in 2008.

                        .i. Taylor Elise Hughes (b. 2009)

B. Marie Virginia Walker (b. 1928) married Francis Oldaker (1915-1987) in 1946 (WWII veteran, Army, at Guadalcanal). Named for her mother, Venus Virginia Dove Walker. Lives in Baltimore (Middle River), MD.

4. William Lee Oldaker (b. 1947). Vietnam Veteran, Army. Retired from GM Baltimore plant. Lives in Baltimore (Middle River), MD.

5. Sandra Ann Oldaker (1954-2008). R.N., BSN. Worked at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center/ Gerontology Research Center/ National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, MD. Lived in Baltimore (Middle River), MD.

C. William Lee Walker (ca. 1934-1934) It is known that Jacob and Virginia Walker had a third child, younger than Marie. Venus Virginia Dove Walker told me, in approximately 1969, that the baby's name was William Lee Walker, that he was buried in Keyser, WV, and that he was several years younger than Marie. She said it was coincidence that Marie Walker Oldaker's first child had the same name. The baby was probably stillborn, but at any rate, he did not live beyond the day of his birth. Marie Walker Oldaker told me in 1995 that the baby was lost after Venus Virginia Dove Walker was knocked down on the street by a drunken man.